Mazda along with Lexus and Subaru Topped the Ratings of the U.S.

March 4, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Cars of the brand Mazda were considered the best in all indicators in the study of Consumer Reports that were recently made across the US customers. This is quite an achievement for the Japanese automaker, as Mazda with its models that are both reliable and affordable is trying to conquer more and more markets!

2013 Mazda6

2013 Mazda6 Photo

Revising the methodology for evaluating automotive brands, the popular American magazine Consumer Reports put the Mazda brand to the top of the overall ranking brands in 2013. On the overall ranking Mazda brand got the 79 points that appeared to be the best result across the other brands.

2013 Mazda6

2013 Mazda6 Pic

Meanwhile, Lexus and Subaru scored 76 points, it should also be noted that Lexus brand was considered separately from the parenting brand of Toyota. Customers particularly praised for the combination of practicality, sportiness and performance, and the second has earned many good reviews in due sports coupe BRZ. Both brands have demonstrated good handling, fuel economy and versatility. But still Mazda with its new Mazda6 is at the front!

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