Mazda Ice Race 2013

February 26, 2013 at 11:32 am

Recently n a snowy city of Eastern Europe finished the annual “ice slide” of the rear wheel drive roadster with no roof. And all the fans of Mazda can be happy about this interesting and unusual event, as we have some good news!

2013 Mazda Aori

2013 Mazda Aori Photo

Someone said that the rear-wheel drive and convertibles are not for the winter, but he was completely wrong! Each year, in the Ural mountains, Mazda organizes competitions on the ice cover for several international teams that present their riding skills on the rear wheel drive roadsters. Common guests of this event are the cars like Mazda Aori (a specially prepared version of the MX-5, characterized in other settings, upgraded suspension and brakes, lightweight body and a proper safety cage, due to the installation of which a removable hardtop can be forgotten).

2013 Mazda Aori

2013 Mazda Aori Pic

This year, however, as in the past, the event prepared a great finishing surprise, as in a specially prepared on the ice covering of the lake makeshift racetrack Mazda showed everything it had, proving that it is the most capable car for any weather conditions. Mazda models has withstand all the difficulties and all the cars finished the race.

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