Mazda clarified the sacred meaning of the slogan ZOOM-ZOOM

May 23, 2015 at 11:05 pm

After fifteen years of continuous zoom-zooming Japanese Company launches a massive marketing campaign for the new corporate slogan Mazda – Driving Matters. Last, according to the automaker, which should clearly refer consumers to the main idea of all vehicles Mazda – driving pleasure.

Mazda ZOOM-ZOOM picture

Mazda ZOOM-ZOOM pics

Small by the standards of the global automotive industry, but ambitious company Mazda has decided to clarify what specific promise she invested the past fifteen years in its motto “Zoom-Zoom”. According to the Japanese, the new corporate slogan “Driving Matters” which accurately describes the fact that Mazda vehicle are created for driving pleasure. The expansion of the new company will start with the motto of the US market, which is at least two of the following year on all fronts will bombard the corresponding advertising.

Mazda ZOOM-ZOOM pics

Mazda ZOOM-ZOOM image

The first question that we always are addressing their focus group – “What comes to mind when you hear the word Mazda?” In nine out of ten cases, we meet “Zoom-Zoom”. But when we try to find out exactly what people are investing in this concept, we get six or seven very different answers. The new slogan “Driving Matters” will be clearer wording for the people.