New Mazda SkyActive Technology

December 8, 2012 at 9:48 am

Technology does not stand still. Mazda again and again is ready to please its fans with new solutions. With a new technology SkyActiv, Mazda cars will become very different from the previous models and especially from competitors. This technology has touched not only the engine, but also the transmission, chassis, and even the whole body. Below we will provide you with the most striking changes that have Mazda cars with new technology. At the moment, the technology is used in the new crossover Mazda CX-5, but experts are going to introduce SkyActive to all cars Mazda.

2013 Mazda SkyActive Technology

2013 Mazda SkyActive Technology Pic

In terms of new features we first of all need to focus on engine. Engine of SkyActive received a record level of compression. The compression ratio is now 14 instead of the old value of 12. Thanks to the experts who managed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by an average of 15%, we now can say that Mazda is even more environmentally-friendly than before. In addition, this engine received an increase in torque at medium and low revs.

Mazda SkyActive Technology

Mazda SkyActive Technology Photo

Automatic transmission was also improved. Now the driver does not feel the dips and jerks during gear change. Torque converter lock-up clutch and mechatronic modules have been completely redesigned. Riding with an automatic transmission is now a great delight. Manual transmission also became more comfortable. New cars have a “light” gear lever. The special design of gearbox itself will get rid of excess weight. Speed switch will become clearer and easier.

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