Skyactiv Transmission Produced in Thailand

February 2, 2013 at 9:31 am

Mazda will produce Skyactiv transmission in Thailand. It is already a fact and was officially communicated to the public by the representatives of the company. In year 2016 Mazda plant will start producing transmissions in Thailand, which will require the initial invest of 26 billion yen from the company. The management of the Mazda has decided to build a plant to meet the needs of the growing market and strengthen its position in the world.

2013 Mazda Skyactiv Engine

2013 Mazda Skyactiv Engine Photo

The projected output will be about 400,000 units per year. Takashi Yamanouchi, president of Mazda Motor Corporation said to the public: «Mazda launches a number of international projects in order to achieve global sales of 1.7 million vehicles per year by the end of 2016 financial year. The branch plant in Hofy city will keep its leading position in manufacturing transmissions. At the same time, the Board Mazda came to the conclusion that they need to launch a second similar enterprise in Thailand, in the province of Chonburi. This will allow Mazda to meet the rapidly growing demand for models with Skyactiv technology, and in a short time to respond to changing consumer preferences. The experience and knowledge acquired at the plant AAT, will ensure success in the development of new business.”

2013 Mazda Skyactiv

2013 Mazda Skyactiv Pic

We can only say, way to go, Mazda!

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