Diesel Mazda6 Will Participate in the American Endurance Racing

December 24, 2012 at 9:01 am

Diesel Mazda6 will participate in the American racing for endurance. The first diesel family of Skyactive models of Mazda will appear on the U.S. market in the racing version of the next generation as a sedan Mazda6. Sports car will be equipped with a diesel engine and in such a configuration for the first time it will be tried on the road in Dayton endurance Rolex 24.

2013 Mazda6

2013 Mazda6 for Rolex 24 Photo

The participation of the diesel prototype will be a debut not just for Mazda, but as well as directly for the race: previously it was attended only by sports cars with engines working on heavy fuel. While the company is in no hurry to tell specifications of the racing Mazda6, but they will be known that the production will start in January.

2013 Mazda6 and Rolex 24

2013 Mazda6 and Rolex 24 Image

At the Auto Show in Los Angeles Mazda it was also said that diesel modification of the civil sedan will be sold in the U.S. market in the second half of next year. The car will be equipped with a 2.2.-liter Skyactiv-D. In the European market it is present in two versions with 150 and 175 hp. The manufacturer also claims that the main parts for Mazda 6 diesel engine will be available at authorized dealers and so there will be no problems with them.

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