Mazda Hakaze Copue SUV Concept Car

December 20, 2012 at 9:01 am

At the 77th annual International Geneva Motor Show the Japanese company Mazda Motor has showed its new concept car. The great and quite interesting in its exterior design concept car has a creative name Hakaze, designed in the style of “Flow” (Nagare). Hakaze is a 4-door compact crossover SUV with body style of a coupe. The rapid appearance highlight huge 20-inch wheels from Dunlop, the dimensions of which are 255/50 R 20. This unusual car was produced by the specialists of the European Design Center of Mazda.

Mazda Hakaze

Mazda Hakaze Coupe SUV Concept Photo

Under the hood this great crossover concept coupe has a 2.3-liter gasoline engine that is in turn equipped with additional redefined aerodynamic features. The motor is paired with great and really softly responding 6-speed automatic transmission. Some might think that because of automatic, the driving experience will be lower, but this is not the case with Mazda. Thanks to the high engineering excellence, this concept car will be able to overcome the all-wheel drive simple terrain.

Mazda Hakaze

Mazda Hakaze Coupe SUV Concept Pic

The official debut of the concept was held at the Geneva Motor Show, which took place during this spring from 6th to 18th of March this year.

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