Corporate tuning package for the MX-5 roadster

March 10, 2015 at 7:49 pm

At the International Motor Show in Chicago, the company will introduce a package of improvements for the MX-5 roadster.
Mazda has decided not to wait for SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, which will be held in September 2015, to formally introduce proprietary tuning package for its new MX-5 roadster. A brief official release informs that the premiere package of improvements will be held in February at the International Motor Show in Chicago.

2016 MX 5 pictrue

2016 MX 5 pics

According to the Japanese automaker, the owners of the roadster Mazda MX-5 can be found in retail stores everything possible to personalize your car. On a small teaser, we see that the car will receive a discreet spoiler on the trunk lid, rear apron and new black alloy wheels BBS.

2016 MX 5 pics

2016 MX 5 image

It is expected that the whale will go on sale no later than autumn 2015. Especially for the roadster engineers of Mazda Japanese Company has developed a new material that is made from organic materials and is used in the cars of the brand. New material of organic origin does not require painting. Natural coloring elements are added in the bioplastics still under preparation. In addition, according to the creators, the details of bioplastics look better than body panels, painted in the traditional way, and the surface has a beautiful mirror tint.