Mazda CX-9 Coming Back

March 24, 2013 at 11:34 am

It really is a great car! It is the first thing that is best suited to start describing the return of Mazda CX-9 to majority of European countries. The largest model in the line of this great Japanese manufacturer was made especially for those who feel that new crossover CX-5 is small, and didn’t have time to buy the removed from the production CX-.

Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9 2013 Model Pic

Why restart the introduction of the largest crossover of Mazda to certain European countries, when for the first time it was not possible to achieve success? The answer is lying on the surface. Japanese company, until recently, had everything it could offer for all key niches of the market. A compact Mazda2 or a more prestigious new “six” with a hint to the luxury. But for those who like big cars and wants it with “Mazda”, there was a problem.

Mazda CX-9 2013

Mazda CX-9 2013 Model Photo

Production crossover CX-7 was discontinued last year – in order to free the market for a new compact crossover CX-5 with the latest developments on the program Skyactive. The car was slightly smaller than CX-7, though beautiful and functional. But there were also those who found new model a little low. And the return of CX-9 is the only way for Mazda to seize all the possibilities. And here it is – an old friend with new forces moved into the European market, to win the hearts of those who have not yet had time to flop over to the big crossover from Hyundai-Kia and Chevrolet.

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