Mazda Demio for independent riders

April 15, 2015 at 4:56 pm

The car in the status of the concept debuted at the festival Motor Sport Japan in 2015, and is scheduled to begin in the fall production. Car modified to participate in various types of competitions and addressed independent riders and teams.
The new generation of Mazda Demio can not complain about the low demand at home, but Mazda Motor decided again to try itself as a manufacturer of universal auto racing. Project called Demio Motor Sports Concept shows how versatile approach the company plans to use in the preparation of cars for different competitions.

Mazda Demio picture

Mazda Demio pics

Demio Motor Sports Concept will be available in several versions: for autocross competition, figure driving, circuit races on the ground, and others. This will be available in two versions: with diesel 1.5-liter and 1.3-liter petrol. Both engines are Skyactiv family.

Mazda Demio pics

Mazda Demio image

Outside sports Demio easily distinguished by specially designed graphic layout and additional aerodynamic elements (the basic model they are black). It should be noted that the basis for graphical design concept became gray, red and black. It is the combination of these colors is the “brand” the hallmark of modifications Mazdaspeed, which immediately led to the assumption of preparing the appropriate version based on Demio. The company did not comment on such speculation.

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