“Mazda” learned how to make automotive plastics from biomass

January 8, 2015 at 2:39 pm

Mazda has announced the presentation of bioplastics – new material for their vehicles, which is made from organic materials. One of its main features is that it does not require painting: natural coloring elements are added to the composition at the stage of preparation. In the Mazda Company are confident that this technology will reduce the negative impact on the environment.
As an example, the inverse standard scheme of painting of the body, when applied varnishes. This technology, according to Mazda, promotes strong heating surface deformation layer and evaporation of hazardous substances.
In addition, the Japanese brand explained that bioplastic looks better than the usual painted body panels. The company noted that the surface of bioplastic has a beautiful mirror tint. This effect is achieved by having a smooth surface structure, whereby the sunlight reflected better.

Mazda car pics

Mazda car picture

Photos of novelties are not yet presented. Presentation will be held in the coming days on the Tokyo exhibition, which focuses on eco-friendly materials. It is expected that the first model of Mazda, which use a new technology to become a model MX-5. Roadster received bioplastic made from elements of the interior.

Mazda pics

Mazda picture

Development of bioplastics also leads the Ford Company. American brand plans to use in their cars composite material based on coconut shell, fixing wires from rice husk, console parts, reinforced cellulose fiber, seat upholstery fabrics of cotton, as well as seat cushions and headrests with the filling of soy foam. Heinz ketchup manufacturer wants to provide “Ford” tomato skins, stems and seeds that remain after processing tomatoes.

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