Mazda showed economic urban hatchback

December 31, 2014 at 1:06 am

For the “home” of the Japanese market, Mazda has produced a new urban model that was named Carol. Mini car is the result of mutual cooperation between the companies Mazda and Suzuki. Mazda Carol actually differs from the “twin” Suzuki Alto only decorative elements of the body and a complete set. In this case, Suzuki’s such cooperation allows you to load a production line to a level of profitability, and the company Mazda, in turn, saves money for the development of its own analogue and expands its product line.
Mazda Carol has several options for configuration, which allows attracting the attention of a wide range of buyers. In the list of options novelties include air conditioning, audio system with two speakers, power windows, tilt steering adjustment function, heated front seats and much more.

Mazda Carol pics

Mazda Carol picture

Under the hood is a modest engine capacity of 660 cubic cm, which develops 49 horsepower and 58 Nm of torque. Optionally provides slightly more powerful version of the VVT (52 hp with 63 Nm). One of the main advantages of the model is the low fuel consumption.

Mazda Carol pics

Mazda Carol image

Thus, the basic version consumes just 3.6 liters per 100 km, and the version VVT – about 2.7 liters per “hundred”. Mazda Carol will go on sale to the Japanese brand dealers January 30 to as low as 7026 dollars.

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