Mazda2 successfully passed crash tests Euro NCAP

May 4, 2015 at 11:02 pm

New generation Mazda2 has earned a four rating assessment Euro NCAP.
An independent European organization Euro NCAP carried out another series of crash tests. At this time, the list of recipients got brand new Mazda2. After relentless testing revealed that despite the tightening of the requirements for the tests, the car is able to reliably protect the inhabitants of the interior regardless of their age, anthropometric parameters and location of the cabin.

2015 Mazda2 Euro NCAP picture

2015 Mazda2 Euro NCAP pics

In particular, the results of a frontal crash test, which evaluates the protection of the driver and front passenger in a frontal impact, the safety of Mazda2 was estimated at 86%. The structure of the cabin on impact is practically not affected. As noted in the Euro NCAP, complaints caused the probability of obtaining a driver neck injury in a frontal impact with a wide barrier. It is worth mentioning that this type of test, first introduced in the list of tests this year. As a result of side-impact car scored the maximum possible number of points.

2015 Mazda2 Euro NCAP pics

2015 Mazda2 Euro NCAP image

A good level of security (78%) provides new Mazda2 for children regardless of age. Particularly anxious Mazda2 belongs to pedestrians. The probability of injury is minimal, so strict judge rated this figure at 84%. His contribution to the highest safety rating Mazda2 made different electronic “helpers” that allowed us to obtain additional points.