Pickup Mazda BT-50 will be more beautiful

January 10, 2015 at 2:53 pm

Mazda is going in the second half of 2015 to upgrade its pickup truck – BT-50. Model during the restyling will be made more beautiful, because, according to representatives of “Mazda”, the current appearance has a negative impact on sales. This publication reports Motoring.
Mazda latest innovations designed in the style of KODO steel compact crossover CX-3 and hatchback Mazda2. Coupe debuted in November at the auto show in Los Angeles. Competitors of the models are, for example, Nissan Juke and Opel Mokka.
“After the restyling of the model it will look different. You do not have to be a genius to realize that the exterior will be made in the style of KODO (the current design concept Mazda).

Pickup Mazda BT-50 pics

Pickup Mazda BT-50 picture

From a design standpoint, we try to keep the BT-50 in the line of Mazda, without creating a completely new model, “- said the head of the marketing division of the Australian office automaker Alastair Doak.

Pickup Mazda BT-50pics

Pickup Mazda BT-50 image

The publication notes that the Mazda BT-50 gives twice the sales pickup Ford Ranger, whereas in other segments of the Australian market model Japanese cars sell better than American competitors. Exact figures in Motoring failed.