Roadster Mazda MX-5 is converted into a rare Ferrari

January 4, 2015 at 2:16 pm

On the internet auction site eBay was advertised the sale of replicas of rare sports car Ferrari 250 GTO, the basis for which was taken roadster Mazda MX-5 1992 of release. Copy machine valued at 12,000 pounds, which at current exchange rate is equivalent to 18 thousand 664 dollars. Together with the car is selling a special license plate «S 25 GTO».
The seller said that the car is in good condition. Efforts of changing the body of the original “Mazda” he described as “fantastic.” Body has now reinforced safety cage. As stated in the description, the machine is suitable for performances in amateur rally races, including snow cover.

Roadster Mazda MX-5 pics

Roadster Mazda MX-5 picture

The original 1.6-liter Mazda has not undergone a change. The previous owner installed a replica exhaust system made of stainless steel with four tailpipes and repaired chassis. In addition, in September of 2014 year, the car changed the battery and brake pads.

Roadster Mazda MX-5 pics

Roadster Mazda MX-5 image

At the time of writing the news, there wasn’t made any the same rate. Ferrari 250 GTO is considered to be the most expensive in the world of vintage cars. In 2013, one of 39 published copies sold for $ 52 million, and this year another car of the same model to be auctioned off for $ 38 million.