The new Mazda2: Fast predator

December 23, 2014 at 11:59 pm

The first European presentation of Mazda2 was held as a backstage event for professionals, the number of which was strictly limited – one or two people from read countries. No one pulls off the veil, did not suit on the background of debutantes fireworks show with ballet and miniskirts. Still, the first impression was strong: in glass showcases shimmered in the glow of spotlights bright toy that in red looked particularly advantageous.

This sought and its creators themselves. Chief designer projects and Mazda2 Mazda Hazumi Rayo Yanagisawa told us about the new faces of the energy of motion Kodo philosophy and directed along the waist line of the visual flow of power. And we wondered how he was able to give an objective Short Body B-Class is so dynamic and fast paced profile.

Mazda 2 pics

Mazda 2 picture

Short front overhang, offset aft superstructure and vigorous strokes podshtampovok give the impression that the car has shrunk, sat on the rear axle, as does a small and fast predator before the jump.

Mazda 2 pics

Mazda 2 image

Even against this backdrop struck interior – carefully traced, with quality materials and a couple of frank highlights as red inserts upholstery and original instrument panel.