Mazda6 Design Options

January 13, 2013 at 9:20 am

Potential buyers of the last generation of Mazda6 can order from the dealers for their beloved model one of the three packages of improvements that are still only available for Japanese customers. These three design options can surprise by new stylish details and innovative structure of the vehicle, though we must say that do not wait for something extraordinary, as the styling package mainly added some details to the exterior of the model.

Mazda6 DAMD

Mazda6 DAMD Tuning Photo

The first styling package is called M’z Custom and it includes new front and rear “aprons”, differently stylished side “skirts” and chrome trims on the head optics and LED foglights. Mazda6 Service Kenstyle improvements on top of standard models released an upgraded front bumper, which is set in the center of aerodynamic “lip”, new side “skirts” with vents and a modified rear bumper with integrated diffuser.

Mazda 6 M'z Custom

Mazda 6 M’z Custom Model Photo

DAMD kit improvements for the Japanese Mazda6 is composed of special chrome trims on the door, grille and fog light recesses. Therefore the technical specifications of the vehicles were left untouched. Though we must say that it is more than enough to feel freedom of choice with new Mazda6.

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