Mazda5 MPV Restyling

February 16, 2013 at 9:21 am

Mazda5 MPV recently received a new restyling package. This new modification fo the model was presented by the Mazda company itself, so do not worry, these are not the new crazy thoughts and realizations of some tuners, but the company tuning that is more the adherence to the customer needs and therefore opportunity to offer them more value and more comfort.

Mazda5 MPV

Mazda5 MPV Restyling Photo

The Mazda presented to us the slightly updated version of the seven-seat MPV Mazda5, which has received an extensive list of upgraded equipment, as well as cosmetic exterior and interior improvements. Among the other restyled items minivan got new rear-view mirror housings, which are now equipped with the integrated LED turn signal repeaters, and interior trim materials, a different seat and center console trimmed with black “piano lacquer”.

Mazda5 MPV

Mazda5 MPV Restyling Pic

In addition, the model has three additional options for paint finishes, and now the side lights will flash three times during a short press on the lever. In the list of options one can add a camera of the rear view mirror that is automatically adjusted and changed and USB-port for the audio system added as standard.

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